Marital Property Can Be Created from Non Marital Property: The South Carolina “Doctrine of Transmutation”. 

Generally in SC only property that is acquired during the marriage will be included in the marital estate. But sometime property inherited or acquired by gift before or during the marriage can also become, or “transmute” into, marital property subject to division.  SC law is very clear that “...
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Be Careful When Dividing Retirement Accounts In Divorce

There many different kinds of retirement accounts, and when people get divorced, there are just about as many different ways to divide them. Knowing the pitfalls can be beneficial for a fair resolution. South Carolina is an “equitable distribution” state. This means that when people divorce, pro...
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Rehabilitative Alimony In South Carolina: What is it and can it ever be modified?

Sometimes the facts of a divorce case may not support an award of periodic (permanent) alimony. Lawyers and mediators will often look to short term support solutions called “rehabilitative” alimony as a compromise. As stated numerous times on this blog, SC has a preference for periodic (permanen...
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Step Parent Adoption in South Carolina: What To Do When The Other Parent Is In Jail Or Cannot Be Found.

The process for step parent adoption in South Carolina can avoid many of the delays and procedural requirements of the adoption statute. Still, there are some pitfalls that you should know about, especially if the other parent is incarcerated or has disappeared. South Carolina has a sordid history...
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South Carolina Family Law Financial Software For The Family Law Laywer

Family Law is one of the most difficult practices areas for attorneys. In addition to high emotions, the financial issues are complex and sometimes difficult to grasp. With the release of Settlyd, Family Law attorney’s in South Carolina now have an improved and efficient way to gather, orga...
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